Training Future GPs at Springfield Surgery




Updated November 2022

We are proud of our long standing accreditation as a highly regarded training practice and three of our partners - Drs Rathborne and Davis and Krezelewski are our current GP Trainers. Doctors come and work with us as part of their specialist post-graduate training in general practice. They are fully qualified doctors who have been gaining experience in hospital medicine. We value the opportunity of helping to develop the family doctors of the future. Doctors occasionally video their consultations for teaching and examination purposes. You will always be asked for consent before and after your consultation and if you do not wish to have the consultation videoed we quite understand and this would not impact on your medical care in any way.

image of a training session

Earlier in their training you are likely to be offered a much longer appointment than usual. We are regularly inspected to keep our approval by Health Education England (Thames Valley).

Our whole team is enthusiastic about being involved in training, at any one time we may have up to 5 Registrars with us.

Further information can be obtained from the Oxford Deanery Website.  We also have trainees from the East Midlands Deanery, further information is available by clicking here.