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Rapid Health can only be used by patients over the age of 16.

If you are under 16, unable to use the app or are looking to book an appointment for your child please refer to our appointments page.


What is Rapid Health?

Rapid Health is an AI driven triage tool approved by the NHS which allows you to book appointments quickly and offers more patient choice and availability by offering you the right appointment with the right clinician first time.

Contact Us Online

Rapid Health is open Monday to Friday from Midnight (12am) to 6pm (except bank holidays) for anyone over 16.

When booking an appointment please only discuss 1 problem per questionnaire.


Rapid Health FAQ

How do I book an appointment?

The link to access Rapid Health will be posted on our website and Facebook page. There will also be posters in the practice with the link and a QR code.

However, we understand that not everyone can use online services and our Reception team will still be available on the phone and in person. The team will take some details from you and pass these through to our Clinical team, who will then triage your request and offer you a suitable appointment.

Can I use Rapid Health through my NHS App?

Not at the moment. However, this is currently in development so keep an eye out for further updates.

Will I still be able to book appointments via Patient Access and NHS App?

You won’t be able to book GP appointments through these apps anymore, however, you can still book appointments for routine screening and follow-ups, such as cervical screening, NHS Health Checks, blood tests, asthma reviews and contraceptive pill checks.  You will also still be able to view your medical records and test results, and order repeat medication.

What do I do if I want to see a specific GP?

When you are booking an appointment, the GP’s with available appointments will be shown. We would encourage you where possible to book with your usual GP.

What do I do if I want to pre-book an appointment?

All our appointments will be available.  After completing the Rapid Health questions an appointment will be offered within an appropriate time frame.

Will all Clinicians be on Rapid Health?

Rapid Health is primarily used for the booking of GP appointments, however depending on your presenting complaint you may be offered an appointment with one of our Practice Nurses or our Physiotherapists where appropriate.

Why have I been offered an appointment with this Clinician?

Patients will be offered an appointment with the most appropriate clinician based on their clinical need.

I was not offered an appointment, what do I do?

Once you have completed our triage questionnaire we will offer an appointment in the most appropriate time frame.  If you have not received an appointment, reception will be informed and your issue will be triaged by the duty doctor.  Reception will be in contact within 48 hours.

My problem is personal and I only want to tell a GP.

The information which you provide is saved to your medical records and is reviewed by the clinician during your appointment.  If you require our assistance when booking an appointment but want the reason to remain confidential,  we have tablets available at reception to use where a care co-ordinator can assist you when needed.  Every employee at Springfield Surgery adheres to our confidentially policy.