How to Order a Repeat Prescription




How To Apply

Please allow 5 working days to collect your mediation from our dispensary or the chemist

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What Happens Next?

Dispensary staff process all requests for repeat prescriptions in preparation for the doctors authorising signature.

  • The post box is emptied regularly throughout the day.
  • Online requests are printed and processed by the dispensary staff

Prescriptions Without Complication Or Query

These are given to the doctor at an allocated time to be signed and authorised for issue by the relevant pharmacy for the patient’s collection.

Examples of Complications or Queries:

  • Medication review overdue
  • Medication issues out
  • Requested item is not on a repeat prescription
  • Requested item has not been previously authorised
  • The requested item has only been issued recently and is not yet due for reissue.

In these instances, the dispensary staff will send a request to the relevant doctor for reauthorisation. The doctor will then make the decision to issue the prescription or may request to see the patient to discuss. The dispensary staff will then make contact with the patient to advise. Once authorised the dispensary staff can distribute the prescription to the relevant pharmacy for the patient to collect.


Urgent Requests

The earliest the dispensary are able to process your prescription is 24hrs from time of request. The dispensary cannot take urgent requests on a Saturday morning. You would be advised to contact out of hours on 111.


How You Can Help

  • Make sure your requests are not submitted at the last minute
  • Include your name, address and date of birth if you are not using a repeat prescription form.
  • Be certain to let us know if your collection arrangements change.
  • If you need to request more than one month’s supply, please state a valid reason

Medication Reviews

Patients on repeat medication will be asked to see a doctor, nurse practitioner, practice nurse or clinical pharmacist at least once a year to review these regular medications and notification should appear on your repeat slip.


Reviewing your medicines to make sure you are getting the best treatment

Medicines are prescribed to treat symptoms or diseases. When you are prescribed a medicine you should be given clear information on:

  • How to take the medicine
  • The possible side effects
  • How long to take the medicine for
  • When to stop taking it, if appropriate

We review your medication to check that you are taking the medicine in the correct way and also to check to see that the medicine is treating the condition properly, that the dose of medicine is still right for you and that the medicine is not causing you any problematic side effects.

Is there someone who helps you take your medicines (for example, a family member, friend or carer)? It may be helpful to bring them with you to your review.

Please ensure that you book your appointment with your usual Doctor who takes responsibility for prescribing your medication.